3000 wholesale Surgical Face Masks in bulk on sale


$2,499.95 $4,047.00
SKU: B087V65H4Z

  • Pack of 3000 Surgical Face Masks For Sale

  • 3,000 Surgical Face Masks, Bulk Case Pack: 60 Boxes, 50 Units per Box.
  • Fabric is Non-Woven 3-Layer:
  • 2 Outer Layers (one White, one Blue), and 1 Middle Layer which acts as the filter.
  • The Blue side is repellent and faces outward when wearing. The White side is absorbent and faces inward when wearing.
  • Masks are made on a machine that ultrasonically welds the layers together and stamps the masks with nose strip and ear loops.
  • Single Use and Disposable.
  • One Size Fits All. 3000 Masks. Ships From China.